How To Optimise Your Content For Voice Search

Voice search is the next big trend that’s going to hit marketers, particularly when it comes to SEO and website optimisation. Research by ComScore predicts that in 2020, around 50% of all searches will be done using voice.

While mobile search transformed the way we optimised website content, voice search is likely to have a similarly significant impact on the way we write and present content online. The way people search using voice is very different from how they type into a search bar and this is something all marketers are going to need to start thinking about if they want their content to remain effective online.

Here are five tips to help you make your content more voice search friendly:

1. Pick long tail keywords or sentences. Unlike when they’re typing, when people are talking into a voice assistant like Siri, it’s unlikely they will use clunky keywords like, “dentist Sydney.” Voice search is typically more conversational, for example a person might say something like, “find a cosmetic dentist in Sydney CBD.” This means you need to start targeting longer phrases in your content and think about how someone would ask for your products or services in conversation rather than what they would type in a search bar.

2. Be specific. There’s no room for vagaries when you’re talking to a voice assistant. We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to get information and having a voice assistant completely misunderstand a single word or phrase. Searchers know this and they strive to be as specific as possible to get the most accurate answer they can. If you want to come up in their queries, make sure your website content describes your products or services in very specific detail. For example if you have a business selling novelty pet toys, don’t just have ‘cat toys’ in your website content – include phrases like ‘squeaky bird toys for cats,’ and ‘dangling feathers on a stick’ to ensure you show up in searches from people who are looking for exactly what you have to sell.

3. Optimise for local SEO. The phrase ‘near me’ is one that we see more and more frequently during voice search. To improve your chances of coming up in local searches, optimise your website for local SEO. Keep your Google My Business listing up to date and make sure you list your opening hours and the locations that you service clearly on your website.

4. Make sure your content is easy to read aloud. While charts and tables can be a great way to convey information visually, they’re not so easy to read out. When you’re organising and presenting information on your website, think about how easy it will be for a voice assistant to find and read aloud as this is likely to make a big difference.

5. Put the important information first. When people are searching for something they are looking for a quick answer to a question. It’s more important than ever to be concise and get to the point quickly. You can elaborate further down the page, but make sure you put a summary of the basic information at the top to increase your chances of appearing in voice searches.

With voice search just starting to take off, now is the perfect time to get in the habit of optimising your content so you can be more visible to your target customers and clients. And if you need a website copywriting service to plan and create optimised copy for a new website, or update your existing content, talk to us today!

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