Website Copywriting Services

Our website copywriting service takes the stress out of developing the content for a business website. We aim to provide you with a seamless experience that results in your new website content being exactly what you need – and loved by Google.

Making decisions on design, site navigation, content layout and copy inclusions, can be difficult when you’re dealing with multiple service providers. Those elements are inextricably connected, so we’ll discuss them all with you during the content planning process.

We also discuss the broader marketing picture with you. We drill down into your target market, their pain points and buying motivations, and other factors that will guide the content writing decisions.

SEO Website Copywriters

Unless you attract all your work via tender or partner referrals, it’s likely that findability on search engines will be important. And that means paying attention to SEO. Copywriting services often include basic keyword research but stop short of helping you plan a content structure that maximises search visibility. Getting it right can help your website attract more of the right visitors – which means more leads for your business. Helping you create content that is SEO friendly is part of our planning and website copywriting process.

Human Website Copywriters

Our professional website copywriters are humans and tertiary qualitied, experienced writers, based in New Zealand and Australia. They understand the need to balance SEO copywriting with sharp copy that speaks to your target market and contains your key messages.

Website Content Planning

Our website content planning workshop is a 1 on 1 online session with you that connects all the dots. We’ll look at some key marketing concepts and relate them to your business. We’ll talk with you about the content required, SEO considerations, and how and where the content might best be presented on the website.

You won’t need to fill out a brief for our copywriters – the content planning discussions will produce the relevant information. We’ll prepare a detailed brief for the copywriter, and ask you to approve it before the website copywriting commences.

Website Copywriting Packages

Do it once, do it right! Our website copywriting packages include:

  • 1 on 1 content planning workshop with you (online)
  • Keyword research
  • SEO copywriting
  • Amendment rounds

Writing the Copy

With a clear content plan and brief to guide the way, our SEO copywriters will create the first draft of the website copy. Two rounds of amendments are included in the package, but our thorough planning at the beginning of the process reduces the risk that substantial amendments will be needed – so the two additional drafts are used to tweak the copy towards perfection and make adjustments based on any feedback you have provided.

Rewriting Existing Content

We’re often asked if it costs less to rewrite existing website content than to create new content. The answer is, most often not. Businesses sometimes decide to rewrite content because it wasn’t written by professional writers and/or isn’t effective in attracting the right clients. That could be because it hasn’t been SEO optimised for relevant search terms and/or isn’t attracting the right website visitors. Or it could be attracting the right visitors, but not inspiring them to contact you. Other times, the content needs to be revised because a business has repositioned in the market, or is merging with another brand, and the existing copy is no longer suitable. In each case, the approach typically requires re-thinking and restructuring, rather than simply revising the existing content.

On the other hand, if the website copy is in good shape and simply needs minor corrections or updates, this would be a job for our content editor. It’s less time consuming than a complete rewrite, and the cost would be lower.

Web Copywriting Services – Next Steps

If you’re a marketing manager, contact us to discuss your project. If you’re a small business owner, you can request the copywriting package details by phone, email, or using the form below. We’ll send you more information about inclusions, the process, pricing, the typical turnaround time, and what to do next if you’re ready to start the process.

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